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Website statement of purpose
by Peter M. Heimlich

My website is intended to bring attention to these public health risks and related information: 

I. "Malariotherapy"

For decades, the Heimlich Institute has been conducting abusive human experiments on US and Third World patients suffering with AIDS, cancer, and Lyme Disease, by deliberately infecting them with malaria. Experts have compared this "research" -- which has been the subject of investigations by three federal agencies and UCLA -- to the Nazi concentration camp experiments and the Tuskegee syphilis experiments.

For more details, visit my page, "Some Moral Outrage": The Heimlich Institute's illicit experiments on AIDS patients.

Visit the CIRCARE bioethics website for an exhaustive compilation of documents and information.

Questions: Why has Deaconess Associations of Cincinnati, a health services mega-corporation, funded and sponsored these experiments? Why has Cincinnati media failed to report Deaconess's financial relationship and responsibility for overseeing the experiments? Why has the media failed to ask questions of the members of the Heimlich Institute's corporate board?

II. The Heimlich maneuver for drowning rescue, a 30-year medical atrocity

From the June 3, 2011 Washington Post:

The Heimlich maneuver became famous as a way for people to dislodge a foreign object from a choking person's airway. But it's been utterly discredited as a way of rescuing a person who is drowning, and can actually do serious harm to someone who has just been pulled from the water, numerous experts say.

...The list of experts who reject the Heimlich maneuver (for drowning rescue) is lengthy: The American Red Cross; the United States Lifesaving Association; the American Heart Association; the Institute of Medicine; the International Life Saving Federation and many experienced doctors and academics have strongly inveighed against doing 'abdominal thrusts' for drowning victims.

...Dr. James Orlowski said he has documented nearly 40 cases where rescuers performing the Heimlich maneuver have caused complications for the victim. Orlowski is chief of pediatrics and pediatric intensive care at University Community Hospital in Tampa.

So where did the idea that the Heimlich maneuver should be performed on drowning victims originate?

Facts indicate that in 1974 my father, who knew nothing about the physiology of drowning, simply dreamed it up. My research uncovered that from 1974-2003 my father and a physician from Potomac MD used cronies to fabricate a string of cases in which drowning victims were allegedly rescued by the use of the maneuver, such as the so-called "Dallas ambulance case," reported here and here.

To encourage the public to perform the procedure, the cases were planted in the media and my father published them in medical journals.

In short, "America's most famous doctor" (The New Republic, 2007) came up with a baseless medical procedure and over the course of three decades fabricated a string of phony case reports to promote it.

The legacy of this madness is dozens of dead and seriously-injured individuals (including children) and ongoing confusion in the field.

The responsibility belongs not only to my father, but to his cronies who faked case reports and to those who helped circulate his "poison ideas" for financial gain.

As first reported by my blog and then by the Houston Press, on about May 15, 2012:

The (Heimlich) Institute's Web site has, (Peter Heimlich) says, "deleted its main pages recommending the Heimlich maneuver as an effective treatment for drowning rescue, to stop asthma attacks and to treat cystic fibrosis....(My father's) claims were based on nothing but a handful of skimpy cases in which near-dead drowning victims were 'miraculously revived' by the maneuver," he says. "Despite such thin evidence, for decades The New York Times, CBS News, Inside Edition and scores of other media outlets gave him a platform to urge the public to perform the Heimlich on people who were drowning."

-- Peter M. Heimlich, May 27, 2012


Copyright @ 2008 Peter M. Heimlich, all rights reserved