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Medical experts speak out against my father's history of misconduct

Robert S. Baratz MD PhD DDS, National Council Against Health Fraud:

(Henry Heimlich's career) is the biggest case of scientific fraud I've ever seen. The longest, the biggest and the most far-reaching, without a doubt...His ideas are insane. Some of his ideas are delusional. He has been experimenting on human beings for most of his career, and he's no different than the Nazi experimenters. There isn't one iota of scientific basis for this except that Heimlich said so. (source)

Joseph P. Ornato MD, Medical College of Virginia:

Dr. Heimlich continues to distort, misquote, fabricate, and mislead his peers and the public regarding the scientific "evidence" supporting the safety and efficacy of his (drowning) theory. Dr. Heimlich's "evidence" consists of unsubstantiated, poorly documented anecdotes. He cites letters to the editor (published in the Journal of the American Medical Association) as though they represented rigorous scientific study. (August 1992 letter to the American Red Cross as quoted in the Cincinnati Enquirer, May 10, 1993)

He almost got me fired. The things he was saying about me were really slanderous. (source)

Peter Lurie MD, Deputy Director, Public Citizen's Health Research Group

I donít care if youíre Henry Heimlich. I donít care how many lives the Heimlich maneuver saved. That doesnít give you a license to go overseas and inject people with poor medical care with dangerous microorganisms. (source)

James P. Orlowski MD, Tampa University Community Hospital:

He called me a liar and said I was totally unscientific and didn't understand how important his maneuver was...(Heimlich is) an obstructionist...His approach has been to prevent the studies from ever being done, so nobody can get an answer to whether he's right or wrong. (source)

Linda Quan MD, Seattle Childrens Hospital:

His mischaracterization (of my study), in print, was grossly misleading and defines his character. (source)

Charles W. Guildner MD (ret), former consultant, American Heart Association:

It's so repugnant to me the way Dr. Heimlich has bullied..He's a bully and he has bullied people into submission. (source)

Roger D. White MD, Mayo Clinic, American Heart Association consultant:

Heimlich overpowered science all along the way with his slick tactics and intimidation, and everyone, including us at the AHA caved in. (source)

Jerome H. Modell MD, University of Florida, Gainesville:

Inclusion of the Heimlich maneuver in the 1985 (American Heart Association drowning) protocols was a concession to Heimlich. (source)





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